Audio books are a great, simple and cost effective way of getting children hooked on reading.

They are easy to carry around and they are, for most kids, a fun way to change up their normal reading routine! Whether you download them onto your smartphone or you pop them into a CD player while you’re on the road, exposing your children to literature is always a smart choice.

Plus, audio books can make mundane tasks such as cleaning their room or the ride to soccer practice full of adventures. 

Listening to audiobooks can also help improve your child's reading skills. If they are not in the middle of another task, have them follow along visually in a hard copy of the book while listening. This exercise can enhance word-recognition ability. Even listening alone can expand vocabulary, according to Mary Beth Crosby Carroll, a reading specialist at The Children’s School in Brooklyn, NY. 

This exposure to a larger vocabulary through auditory literature strengthens comprehension and critical thinking skills, particularly for children who have reading difficulties.

Here are some resources where you can find free audio books for your children: 

  1.      MeeGenius
  2.      Storynory
  3.      Online Talking Stories
  4.      Children's Story Books
  5.      Books Should Be Free