The kids closet can easily turn into a danger zone.

Depending on the age, children may or may not be responsible for maintaining order in their closet. Having a plan on organizing and maintaining your child’s clothes increases your chances of controlling the mayhem.

In our home, our two daughters - ages 3 and 7 1/2 - share a not-so-large closet. While they could certainly benefit from a larger closet space, we’ve learned ways to make it work. They have their own sections, but do share certain spaces.

These strategies are implemented in my home and work wonders. Try one or all and see how they can help you achieve the organization you need in your children’s closet:

  1. Separate the Uniforms

I keep the center section of the closet just for uniforms. All the collared shirts, skorts, jumpers and jackets relating to school are hung here. There is no reason to have the Monday-Friday attire mixed up with the party dresses and jeans.

  1. Hanging Organizer

I keep a shoe storage hanger in my daughters’ closet, but I do not use it for shoes. Instead, I fold and store PE uniforms, ballet attire and soccer uniforms there. Following the same mentality as the school uniforms, I want to keep this special occasion clothing items apart from everyday wear. Plus, they always know where to find their after school activity outfits and they don’t have to destroy the folded clothing in their dresser to get to the items they need.

  1. Shoe Containers

No matter how often or how loud I suggest that they put their shoes away neatly, it always becomes a pile of shoes. I’ve resorted to bins. Each daughter has two bins for their shoes. One bin is for sandals, flip-flops and Crocs. The other bin is for the more dressier shoes. They keep their school shoes, cleats and ballet shoes underneath their uniforms. We even have a separate container for their slippers. With the shoe containers all they need to remember is which bin they go in.

  1. Better Hangers

Better quality hangers are worth the money. Properly hanging up their smocked dresses and frilly skirts will be pointless if they fall right off the hanger. Invest in quality hangers and your children’s clothes will be more likely to stay neatly hung in the closet instead of in a pile on the floor.

Encourage your children to participate in the organization of their clothes and treasured items. If they feel more ownership over it, they are more likely to maintain it. No promises, but it’s worth a shot!