One of our favorite backyard games is a treasure hunt! My kids love to hide items for one another and then search the entire yard, looking for the items. We decided to check out the new Tampico Flavor Hunt game on Instagram and then have a flavor hunt of our own in the backyard.

The ‘Tampico Flavor Hunt’ on Instagram 

With the new season of the DreamWorksTV’s animated series “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” gearing up to be released later this month, one of our favorite juice drinks Tampico partnered with the series. In addition to the Troll wrapped six-packs in stores, Tampico is introducing its interactive Flavor Hunt on Instagram! Participants can enter the sweepstakes by finding the Tampico six-packs scattered throughout Troll Village, for a chance to win a $100 Netflix gift card. If you want to participate simply click the link below to begin! 

Flavor Hunt Outside: A Backyard Game for Kids

After playing the “Tampico Flavor Hunt” on Instagram, your kids will be inspired to have a flavor hunt of their own outside, what a fun backyard game for kids!

We grabbed a tropical punch flavored “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” Tampico multi-pack for our game.

Adding some of our favorite Trolls characters to the hunt made this backyard game even more fun for us.


I started by hiding the various Tampico tropical punch bottles around the yard, and my kids worked together as a team to collect all of them as quickly as they could.

Once they had found all of the bottles, they wanted to play this backyard game again…and again!


Hiding the bottles for each other, they became very creative, and took prompt ideas from the Instagram flavor hunt game providing clues such as, “you are getting closer, keep following the trail.”


After playing this real-life flavor hunt multiple times, we decided to retreat inside to drink some refreshing Tampico, and paint some Troll-themed rocks for our next backyard treasure hunt.


Trolls Painted Rocks

Inspired by the packaging on our Tampico multi-pack, featuring, “Trolls: The Beat Goes On”, we drank our Tampico and painted rocks.


I simply drew a basic Troll face and hair shape, and my kids colored them in with paint pens. They are already planning our next Trolls and Tampico painted rock and tropical punch backyard flavor hunt.


This is one that we will definitely be doing over and over again! 

We hope you feel inspired to head over to Instagram and play the ‘Tampico Flavor Hunt’ and even have a backyard flavor hunt of your own.

Have so much fun with this awesome backyard game for kids, and refresh with Tampico and Trolls. 

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