When you have a budding artist at home, the fridge is becomes peppered with your kid’s works of art that you forget what color it was underneath.

In fact, the fridge probably isn’t the only surface displaying the marks of their artistic vision; a wall, dryer, window, or any other surface can become a blank canvas for your child. 

The creative minds at Fast Company have discovered an innovative father’s solution to these sticky situations.

Inspired by the murals of his childhood and his own love of painting, Google partner and creative father Jake Knapp teams up with his son to create masterpieces right at home. With a projector, latex paint, and empty surface, Jake and his son Luke transform every day pictures into works of art worthy of any exhibit.

Luke chooses the picture or subject and lays down the foundations of color while his father adds the finishing strokes and details. The texture of these pieces calls to mind the works of some of the art world’s greats. We hope this inspires you to create something innovative with your kids, too!

The collection of pieces, which are on display at The Heartbaker café in San Francisco, range from Lego-inspired nostalgia to sweeping views of the Bay Area’s streets.

For more about the colorful duo, click here.

[Images: Courtesy of Jake Knapp]