Studies have shown that a person's ability to visualize their goals contributes enormously to the actual attainment of those goals

Research done by Guang Yue, an exercise psychologist from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, studied the brain patterns in weightlifters and found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when the same weightlifter only imagined lifting.

So how do you teach the somewhat abstract concept of visualization to your children?

Vision boards are the answer!

Vision boards are bulletin boards filled with images and words that represent an individual's goals and dreams. They are usually used by adults to set goals and resolutions for themselves, but depending on the ages of your children, they can make them too!

Alternatively, have your kids contribute to a family vision board where the whole family’s dreams can coexist together.

How to make a vision board

  • Gather a healthy stack of magazines (the more, the better), glue and safety scissors
  • Pick images and words that represent your goals
  • Arrange them on a large sheet of construction paper without gluing them on.
  • Once you are sure you have everything you need on the board, glue all the pieces on, and admire your creation

This simple project will open up the door to discussing your goals as a family with your children, and it will allow them to share their hopes and aspirations with you. Vision boards can create truly colorful moments that may surprise you!  The activity will also encourage your children to dream and to work towards making their colorful dreams come true.