Escaping for Spring Break doesn’t have to include a plane ticket or even much gasoline.

Families are opting to take in the attractions in their very own communities for spring travel time. Fall in love with your area by visiting all it has to offer! 

When planning a “staycation” – a vacation where you stay/sleep at home or at a local hotel – consider these 4 types of attractions.

  1. Official Attractions – Those attractions that you find in the guidebooks, if you haven’t done them all, now is the time. Growing up in NY, you would find so many people who never even visited the Statue of Liberty and it was just a 30-minute train ride away. Don’t let this happen! Check out the travel books of your area and visit the tourist spots that others fly in to enjoy.
  2. Cuisine – Step out of your comfort zone and try a restaurant you’ve never enjoyed. Try to find a locally owned restaurant, maybe even one that uses locals farms and markets. We tried a local Lebanese restaurant recently. Our family had never tried this cuisine and we loved it.
  3. Parks – Don’t go to the closest park. Find one the family has never visited. Pack a picnic lunch, a few balls and spend the day enjoying the outdoors in your community.
  4. Festivals – Depending on the time of year, you area might be full of fairs and festivals. In South Florida, the late winter and early spring bring out lots of fun outdoor events. It’s a great way to support and learn about the community by attending an event. We have attended the annual Greek Festival held at a large Greek Church. Although we are not of Greek ancestry, it gives our family the chance to learn a bit about the customs – food, music and even religion – of a population that lives here in South Florida. 

Immersing your family into its own local attractions will not only make your experts in the area, but will allow you to support those business. Be sure to share you adventures with friends & family!