Spring is slowly creeping up on us and I’m definitely ready for it to be here

by Kendra Williams on February 29, 2016

It’s mostly warm and sunny here year round, but this year it was in the low 40’s. I know that’s not significantly cold for most of the country, but my bones can’t take the cold. When spring does come around, I like planting flowers outside of our home and having fresh flowers inside. My mom usually comes to visit us this time of year, too. That means lots of activities and crafts for my kids with their grandma. I swear that I have a collection of grandma/grandkids crafts in my storage. This year we found out that my sons are allergic to quite a few things, so I’m not going to bring any flowers in the house. I still like having the colors around, so they decided to make a Family Springtime Flowers Craft.

As you know with any day of activities or crafts, little ones like having treats so they enjoyed Tropical Punch Tampico with their grandma. It’s the perfect springtime color to go with their crafts! Also, its fruit-flavored beverages offer us choice and value, so how could I say no to them enjoying a refreshing cup? I just couldn’t!

I actually loved the craft they chose to do together. The Family Springtime Flowers Craft only needed a few supplies I already had around my house. Usually I have to make a run to a craft store when they get their big ideas of a new craft. This simple craft required tissue paper in spring colors (one of them needing to be a light green), school glue, scissors, white Styrofoam cups, acrylic paint, foam brushes, shredded brown paper, and freeze pop sticks.

First I cut the light green tissue paper into a 6” circle. This was used to represent the grass that they’re flowers will sit on. Next, they painted the cups with a spring color of their choice. After the paint dried, they glued the bottom of the cups to the center of the circles. Next they added the shredded brown paper into the cups. The brown paper represents the dirt in the flower pots.

This last part was one of my favorites because I like watching them choose which color combinations they would choose to make the petals and stem of the flower. They each chose at least four colors of tissue paper. The tissue paper was layered on top of each other and then cut into small squares. Next, they pinched the center of the squares and poked a whole into it with the freeze pop sticks. They used glue on the inside of the tissue paper to make sure it stuck to the sticks. Last they pushed the stick into the center of the cup. They turned out gorgeous!

How does your family celebrate spring coming?


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