By Emily Buys

Keeping the kids entertained all summer can be a challenge. Without school and homework to keep the kids occupied, you could be hearing the "I'm bored" phrase all day. That wouldn't be any fun for anyone, so I've worked with the kids to come up with some go-to activities. We've been having different families over and we've got the perfect setup of family relay games.

Since we like to play our relay games outside, I think it's important to have a refreshment station to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Cut up fruit and ice cold Tampico seems to hit the spot for everyone as they rotate between games. Our go-to Tampico flavor is Mango, and we like to have a gallon of it on hand for entertaining and outdoor fun, but you can also get the single-serving bottles and other flavors.

Once your refreshment station is set up, it's go time for the games. These activities are best played in teams, but could also be played with just a couple of people.

1) Cornhole - Rather than the traditional Cornhole scoring, switch things up for larger groups. Create a team for each board and the goal is to have each team member get a beanbag into the hole. Rotate through each person, taking one shot at a time before moving to the next person. As soon as each member has made it in the Cornhole, move onto the next station.


2) Yahtzee - You'll need 10 dice for the next station - five for each team. Take turns between team members, rolling all five dice, trying to roll a yahtzee (five of a kind). Once any member of the team has rolled a yahtzee, it's time to move to the next station.


3) Pyramid of bottles - Set up 6 bottles or cans into a pyramid (3 on bottom, 2 in the middle and 1 on top). Use the bean bags from Cornhole, take turns between team members, trying to knock over all of the bottles. You can also set the cans up like bowling pins!

The first team to complete all three activities wins! Add some cake or cookies to the refreshment table and celebrate with Tampico, fruit and treats! We've actually left these activities set up on our porch for the summer, so whenever the kids are bored, they head outside for a little challenge! It's been so fun to see the kids playing together and take a break from electronics!

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