How do you feed a picky eater? Make the food fun!

These snack-time recipes are simple enough for older kids to make themselves and for younger kids to help make. Getting them involved in the process is sure to motivate them to munch. Once they have these yummy snacks down, you may be putting your feet up after the school bus drops them off instead of heading straight for the pantry to whip something up!


  1. Dirty popcorn: Pop a bag of popcorn. Put a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar and cinnamon in a ziplock bag along with the popcorn and shake it together until the popcorn is coated in yummy cinnamon dust!


  1. Teddy Bear Toast: Toast a piece of bread, smear some peanut butter on it and cut three pieces of banana. Put two of the banana slices on the upper corners of the bread (those are the bear’s ears) and one in the middle of the toast (the bear’s nose). Then add raisins for the eyes.


  1. Ham and Cheese Tacos: This is a yummy snack your kids can make themselves. Fill soft taco shells with slices of your little one’s favorite cheese and ham. Wrap them up, pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and you are done.


  1. Fruit Pops: Fill ice-cube trays with your favorite blend of Tampico juice and small chopped up pieces of fruit. Add popsicle sticks after the ice pops have begun to set so that they will stand up straight in the cubes. For bigger popsicles, try using paper cups!


The more fun food looks, the more likely your child will enjoy experimenting with new foods themselves. Get creative, get colorful and add variety to their diet!