By: Nichole Arnold 



After more than two decades, the brand that has brought families all over the world satisfying and refreshing fun fruit flavors, Tampico, is about to have a brand new look! To celebrate its Imaginatively Curious nature, March 20, 2018 is officially “Tampico Tuesday” and the new look will be revealed!


Just as we want to encourage curiosity in our children, Tampico is the Imaginatively Curious juice drink that families love! The brand new look will be a celebration of fun, color and of course the Imaginatively Curious nature of the brand.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, my son wanted to show the world how he treasures his favorite Tampico juice. His imagination can run wild and we always love to encourage curiosity in his play and learning.  When we gifted our son his swing set for his birthday, he had his charming eye on an actual pirate ship that was the cost of two mid-size sedan vehicles. So when we asked him how he wanted to decorate, he squealed for a pirate ship!

We encourage curiosity often by purchasing costumes or play outfits. He had not had a pirate outfit since he was little so it was the perfect opportunity to see him in his element. With a quick trip to the party store, we had a pirate outfit, matched with normal clothes at home, and we used prior wedding favors such as a treasure box we repainted, fishnets, and gauze tablecloth from his first birthday. (Which was pirate themed!)



Days later and he is still waking up to get dressed as a Pirate and go outside and play. Asking us to haul the treasure box and all his jewels and money for him. I depend on Tampico to be a refreshing beverage during play but I also found that we can have down time by creating some simple Tampico flavored popsicles, to slow down the energy level or a few minutes.


Just as Tampico has a brand new look that is as irresistible as ever, changing up a swing set with a few props, made a whole new world of play. Tampico is going to be even more, with brighter colors, fresh design, and an emphasis on the amazing mix of fruit flavors within every bottle! While we will always love the original bottles, refreshing new changes bring life to something we cherish. This rings true both for the Tampico we enjoy as a family and the swing set.

Grab a few things from around the house and let the imagination in your child run wild. Encourage curiosity by letting them create a world of imagination within their room, living room, outdoor play area. Something they already love can always become something else, while remaining the same.


Our little Pirate would never let someone run off with his favorite Tampico juice, but we will encourage curiosity and have him let his imagination run wild!


Create simple Tampico Creamy Popsicles for your family: 5-6 Servings 

In a mixing bowl mix all ingredients below.

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1 cup Tampico juice (any flavor)

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract


Poor in to popsicle trays and freeze for 3-4 hours. Depending on size of your popsicle molds, it will create roughly 5-6 servings. Child approved recipe!


The kids may repeat every few minutes, “Are the popsicles done?!?!” so I suggest making them at night and surprising them during play time the following day!

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels on March 20th for the Tampico reveal!