One of our favorite shows is “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” on Netflix. My little one loves Poppy so I was inspired to create her this DIY Trolls Poppy Purse she can wear to remind her of her favorite character.

We've definitely got some Trolls fever in this house. Right now we're all about the DreamWorksTV animated series "Trolls: The Beat Goes On” on Netflix. The kids loved the movie so naturally the animated series is a favorite. My daughter just loves Poppy! Who could blame her? With that wild pink hair, what's not to love?! I bought her a Trolls shirt the other day and she was so excited. Being the girly girl that she is, she asked for a purse to match. Have you tried looking for a Trolls Poppy Purse? I have and there's not much out there, so I did the next best thing! I decided to make her one and this DIY Trolls Poppy Purse was created.


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And don't worry if you're not that crafty, this is a pretty simple and fun DIY project to make! But you'll need a few things first!

  • Small pink purse or wristlet (I used a wristlet since my daughter prefers to carry these)
  • Hot pink feather boa
  • Craft felt square in bright green, blue and pink (2 sheets of pink)
  • Hot glue gun

First, you'll want to cut out the shape of troll hair on the piece of pink felt to fit your purse.

Then you'll only need about half of the hot pink feather boa, so cut that in half and you can trim off any you don't use later. Using your hot glue gun apply glue to the felt troll hair shape starting at the bottom slowly working your way to the top.


Trim off any remaining piece at the top and set aside.

Cut a piece of green felt to make Poppy's headband. Then cut out two blue flowers to decorate the headband.

Finally cut another flower medium to large size to fit on the body of the purse. Depending on the size of the purse you bought, you'll have to judge this part for yourself.

Glue on the headband and 2 blue flowers to Poppy's hair.

Then attach the flower pieces to each other with a little glue. Then glue the pink/green/blue flower right on the center of the purse.

That's it! Your very own Trolls Poppy Purse complete with the wild pink hair!

Don’t forget to pick up your favorite flavor of Tampico for the perfect of Netflixing and grab the supplies to make your own DIY Trolls Poppy Purse today!