I remember taking Lily to see Trolls in theaters and she was hooked on all of the songs even at three years old. Now as a big four-year-old, she still obsesses of anything having to do with the characters. I recently discovered the DreamWorksTv’s Netflix animated Series, “Trolls: The Beat Goes On”, and the super fun Tampico Flavor Hunt. Our excitement over this amazing campaign was so exciting, we made a few DIY Troll pumpkin and I'm one to be even more excited to share all the details with you!


Before I get to the tutorial, I wanted to share more about this super fun interactive Instagram-based game! With the latest season of “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” one of our favorite juice drinks Tampico partnered with the series. In addition to the Troll wrapped six-packs in stores, Tampico has its interactive Flavor Hunt on Instagram in full swing! Participants can enter the sweepstakes by finding the Tampico six-packs scattered throughout Troll Village, for a chance to win a $100 Netflix gift card. If you want to participate simply click the link below to begin! https://www.instagram.com/tampicoofficial/ ! 

Ok, now for the other fun part, creating this adorable glitter pumpkin! I know that many of you Troll lovers may just love Poppy but my little lady is obsessed with anything glitter related so we decided to make the glitter troll (and get super glittery messy in the process ha). Here's what you'll need!


-White Tulle
-Glitter Spray paint



  1. Spray your pumpkin with glitter paint and let dry for 10 minutes
  2. While the pumpkin is drying, cut your ribbon into long strips
  3. Tie your strips onto the hairband
  4. One all the pieces are tied around the hairband, gather all the ends and tie them into a bow with ribbon
  5. Draw your face onto the pumpkin and enjoy!

After all this fun, we needed a break so we enjoyed our Tampico tropical punch drinks together. It was refreshing after all our hard work! Which troll is your favorite?