Are your kids getting excited for DreamWorks’ Captain Underpants? Are they into superheroes?

I started seeing the trailers for DreamWorks’ Captain Underpants movie when we I took my boys to see the Smurfs a few weeks ago. It was hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing. Now while Captain Underpants isn't your typical superhero movie, my boys loved this 'hero' nonetheless and can't wait to see the movie. We have a feeling it will have kids laughing all summer long.

Take a look at the Captain Underpants trailer.

Whether you are getting ready to host a superhero party to celebrate the release of DreamWorks’ Captain Underpants, The First Epic Movie or will be having a superhero birthday party or playdate in the months ahead, I've created a tutorial on how to make superheroes using juice bottles. For our example, we used Tampico single serve beverage bottles that were available at one of our local Shoprite stores.


How to Make Superhero’s from Juice Bottles


To decorate Tampico beverage bottles as superheroes, use these supplies

  • Juice bottles/water bottles - We used Tampico single serve beverage bottles.
  • Glue - If the items you use to decorate your bottles aren't sticky already you can use glue dots, bottled glue, or glue sticks.
  • Permanent markers
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Tissue paper (optional)
  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)
  • Sharpie marker


Some of the craft supplies we used to make superheroes from juice bottles.

Tips for making superheroes from juice bottles

After decorating juice bottles as superheroes with my boys, I've come up with a few tips to keep this superhero craft fun and easy.

  • Be open-minded. Let your kids use their creativity and imagination to create their superhero bottle figures. My 8-year-old named his first superhero Turbo. Turbo is very smart and the fastest thing alive with the ability to keep getting faster. His other superhero from a juice bottle is named Angel Wings. Angel Wings has wings on his back and a light bulb on this head. The light bulb represents that he always has bright ideas.
  • Making superheroes from juice bottles is really an Earth-friendly craft. I tend not to throw anything away if I can imagine a way to still use it. See how we used some random items to decorate our superheroes below.
  • If you are going to decorate the bottles with markers, use permanent markers. Regular markers don't write well on plastic.
  • Consider making superheroes from juice bottles either BEFORE or AFTER your children drink the juice.
    • If you're having a celebration at home to kick off the release of DreamWorks’s Captain Underpants movie, you can decorate the bottles as superheroes in advance. Identify each one by the child's first initial. For example, Johny's Tampico bottle can be decorated as Captain J or Super J. Create a shield and then add a letter J in the middle.
    • If you're having a playdate or party with Tampico beverages, show the kids a fun way to recycle. Wash out the Tampico juice bottles and then let the kids start decorating. Kids love superheroes and what a fun way to save money and have a favor to take home.

It was a part Tampico juice drinking and a part superhero making afternoon.

Steps to decorate superheroes from juice bottles

To create a face on your superhero

  • Draw a face on using permanent markers.
  • You could also use small pom poms, jeweled stickers, googly eyes, or other small items to resemble your superhero's facial features. I used heart-shaped and flower-shaped stickers to create my SuperMom's eyes.


My 11 year old attempts to make his own Captain Underpants from a Tampico Citrus Punch beverage bottle. 

To create capes on your superhero

  • Tissue paper from gift bags and boxes are great for making superhero capes. The thinness of the paper makes it perfect for capes. It also doesn't take much glue to hold it in place.
  • You can also use leftover scraps of construction paper.
  • I have a collection of stickers, regular and foam, left over from craft kits. We used them for to decorate the superhero bodies and make capes. 

To create a shield for your superhero

  • For a shield on the superhero's chest you can either draw it on with a permanent marker or stick on a plain sticker. For our SuperDAD's shield, I added a star sticker that I drew on a capital D.


My 12 year old's superhero from a juice bottle, complete with a cape.

To create props for your superhero

  • Pipe cleaners can be shaped into superhero goggles, a belt, a shield, a sword, or other props.
  • Construction paper can be cut into shapes or wrapped around the bottle.

The collection of superheroes from juice bottles my boys made. 

Now that you've created your superheroes from juice bottles, we have a SUPER giveaway to tell you about from Tampico beverages.

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