Holidays are a big deal in our house. We go all out putting up decorations, making desserts, and having a special meal. However, our "going all out" does not mean that we spend a lot of money. Our special Christmas and Valentine's Day Tampico Punch is very affordable, and you can use the plastic jug to make a Valentine's Day container after you make the punch.

Here's how we make our Valentine's Day punch out of only 3 ingredients:

Pour 1/2 gallon of Tampico Tropical Fruit Punch and 1 - 2 liter of Ginger Ale into a punch bowl. Top with scoops of raspberry sherbet. Punch is done!!

After the punch is done, rinse out your Tampico jug and let it air dry. 

Now you and your child can use that jug to make a decorated Valentine's container for your child's Valentine's Day party. I can see a teacher collecting these jugs before a class party, doing the first step below (cutting out the heart), and letting the kids decorate their jug themselves for a class activity.

Here's how we made our Upcycled Valentine's Container using a Tampico Jug: 

  • Rinse out jug and let dry. Remove the Tampico label. This was very easy to do as it is not sticky, so it leaves no residue and there is very little marking on the Tampico jugs.

  • Cut out a paper heart the size you think would make a big enough opening for all the candy and valentines to fit easily into the jug.

  • Tape the heart to the side of the jug opposite the handle.

  • Use an X-acto knife to cut around the paper heart. 

  • This next step is optional: I was concerned with my daughter scraping her hand getting the candy in and out of the opening, so I took the X-acto knife and cut a horizontal line from the heart on both sides to the back of the jug, leaving about a 1 1/2" portion of plastic jug not cut. Now I could open the jug more to get our hand in the opening if desired. I do not think this step is necessary though if you make your opening big enough and your child's hands are not too big. Make sure the jug is completely dry.

  • Decorate! We used Washi Tape and a tape that I got from JoAnn's that is like Washi Tape called Tape Works to decorate our jug. We also placed some decorative basket filler in the bottom of our jug, and then we put some candy Grandma gave us in it.

  • My daughters had fun putting stickers on the jug. You can see the finished product up above all the directions!

We were quite happy with the results. We could have used Duck Tape or more stickers or other products as well. Be creative! To me, it was easier the jug than decorating a box.

I bought my Tampico flavors at Walmart. My Walmart had three different flavors of drink. On Tampico's website, you can see that they have 10 different flavors of Tampico. Just think of all the possibilities for affordable, creative, fun drinks!