With three kids that are used to being busy at school all day being home during a time when the weather hampers outside play, moms have to get creative.

The ‘I’m bored’ comment is the most feared in my house. I am not a huge ‘sit and watch TV’ kind of mom. I like to have my kids doing and creating and learning even when they are not in school. But as a single mom who runs a business from home, I cannot be up and helping all the time. So I have come up with some DIY games that kids can make and play that will entertain, promote creativity and fun!

When we are ready, I set up the table with the materials I need, pour some Tampico Juice into their cups, and let them snack and create for as long as they need to!

DIY Tic Tac Toe

This may seem like an easy game to do that may not take much time. But we amp this up with a large poster board and swim noodles cut to fit. The large board entertains the kids longer!

Simply take a large poster board and have the kids draw a huge Tic Tac Toe board on it. Then help them cut two swim noodles into ‘o’s. Use two different colored noodles so each team has a color. The kids can play life size Tic Tac Toe all day long! My kids really get into it and love it!

Homemade Go Fish

My kids are crazy for Go Fish. Right now we play Go Frozen at least 10 times a day. But I want to teach my kids numbers and enhance creativity with drawing too. So I set out some white paper and had them draw 4 cards each of fun designs. They added numbers. We did 12 sets. Then, it was time to play! Just having them create their own cards has made the laughter and fun that much more entertaining. I see them playing with their own created cards more than the others now!

Homemade Bag Toss 

This one is super easy. I simply have the kids fill bags with cereal or rice. I seal them good and then point out a grout line I the tile. They toss and try to get as close as they can to the line! It is super fun and they love being able to throw in the house! The other option is to cut a hole in a poster board and let them toss into it! This is the favorite version in this house.

Obstacle course

I love to create obstacle courses in the house by using items in the house like dolls, chairs and more. I set them up creatively in the hallways and living room and the kids have to do things like hop around them, walk around them backwards and more. If they tough an obstacle, they have to start over.

Adding games like Charades and Pictionary using the kids chalk or white board can also create easy games that the whole family will love. Anything that keeps my kids off electronics and from sitting in front of the TV is a winner for me! What games do you create at home that your kids love?