by Katelyn Fagan on June 1, 2016

After another successful camping trip with four young kids, I stand by my 8 reasons you should take your kids camping.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us even with sunburns and a teething nine month old baby (who cut a tooth the second day into camping and had a fever most of the trip). Over the next few weeks I will be sharing even more great camping tips and tricks so that you can have a successful camping adventure with your family!

One of those posts will be a nice camping checklist so that you don't forget to pack things. I didn't pack any shorts or pants for my husband, only packed two shirts for myself, and only packed PJ tops for my son. I also forgot the aloe vera which wasn't so great as we all got a little too much sun (myself getting burned the worst of course). We also unfortunately forgot to grab our lantern from our storage unit.

Thankfully we had packed two jugs of Tampico and some headlights (like the flashlights that you wear on your head, not the lights you put in your car) so we could make a DIY camping lantern! I saw this camping hack on a few different posts before we left and I wanted to try it out on our latest trip!

Flashlights are great, but if you want to stay up past dark (which the adults and older kids do) and play games (my husband and I played Bunco for the first time on this campout), you need more light than just a few flashlights (which you can't exactly hang easily in the middle of the air). Even if you brought a lantern, you may run out of batteries or fuel or the bulb or filament may go out during your trip, which would make knowing this little trick all the more handy.

It's super easy to make a camping lantern this way. Just strap the wearable head light around the empty bottle of Tampico with the light facing inward, adjust the straps so it's nice and tight, and then you are good to go!

The only problems I had was figuring out how to prevent it from blowing in the wind! I tried strapping the light to the Tampico bottle that still had juice in it, but it didn't work out as well, and the light was rather orange.


I ended up putting an object or two behind the bottle that prevented it from blowing away, but I know if I put enough rocks in the bottom, or if I used the water spigot at the campsite to fill it with some water, that would prevent it from blowing around too.

An additional camping tip: if you are packing the food for your camping trip and are taking some big jugs of water or Tampico or juice, if you freeze them before you go, it can help cut down on how much ice you need in your cooler, and provide you with a cold drink right away!

What have you forgotten on your camping trips? Do you have any cool DIY camping hacks?


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