With fall closing in, it will soon be time to leave the outdoors and head back inside the house.

As we appreciate the change in foliage this may also be a time to revamp an area of the house or decorate that special space you have wanted for so long.

Styling and decorating don’t have to be difficult and with a few tips you can create Pinterest worthy spaces. The most important thing when styling a space is that you let your unique personality shine through, keep your needs in mind and have fun.

Here are 5 tips to make decorating your space fun and simple. Once you try them you won’t be able to stop styling your house!

Start at the beginning: We all have to start somewhere. The first steps are to feel comfortable with what you are doing, do your research, buy some decorating magazines, or find inspiration in items you already have. Look for styles that make you feel comfortable and with which you can live. Choose objects, colors and accent that you like -- if there’s a trend you don’t like, you don’t have to follow it. If you are starting from zero, Interior Styling, an online styling class by decorator Justina Blakeney's is a great place to learn basic concepts and define your style. You can also look for classes at your local Community College or decorating stores in your area.

Assess your space and needs: Do you have a small house? Is it a townhouse? Ranch style? Apartment? What area and vibe are you looking to create? How many kids do you have? Any pets? If, for example you are decorating the entryway, think about your routine when you walk in and out of the house. Are you always looking for your keys before you leave the house? Add a nice hook to hang them close to the door or place a colorful bowl on a console table. Now you know the keys go there, this will save you the aggravation of not knowing where you left the keys and will add a splash of color to your space. The idea is that you find something that is both functional and stylish.

Mix and Match: Feel free to play around with colors, patterns, shapes and textures. You never know what you will find in contrasts until you try to group different objects together. For example if on a shelf you have a majority of square objects break it up by adding a round object, perhaps a basket or a vase. Keep in mind that objects look better in odd numbers and groups of three seem to do the trick. Plants are always a great addition to any space, they bring color and life.

Pop of Color: Adding color to a room can be intimidating at times but here are a few tips to make choosing a color fun. Before you buy gallons of paint give the color a try; there are a few ways to do this: you can download color apps, snap a photo of a space and see how different colors will look in a space, or you can go to a store and buy a small sample. If you are not ready to paint a large area but want to add a pop of color to a room, try painting a door, a window frame, or giving a desk or chair a makeover. Sometimes all a room needs is a small touch of color to lighten it up!

Play around: Allow yourself to be creative! Look to Pinterest and magazines for inspiration and give it your twist – don’t be afraid to try new things. Reposition objects and see how they look next to each other. Styling doesn’t need to break your budget, you can look for fun accents on clearance or check out one of the many online flash sales sites. As you position objects together and create your style, take pictures of it. Keep moving things around and taking pictures until you find the placements you like best. The photos will help you remember the different set ups.

Remember this is your space and it should be tailored to your likes and needs, allow yourself the freedom to play. Use bottles or mason jars as flower vases, hold books in vintage crates, place cookie cutters in an apothecary jar and add a Latino touch with an old family photo. The options are endless. Practice, practice, practice, have fun and by Winter vacation you’ll be an expert decorator.