Have you been following along on our It's a Colorful Life scrapbook Summer? Well, Summer has been CRAZY for us in this household. Things have been out of this world with making new memories, lots of news, and trying to get Davin ready for his first year in a big boy school! It may seem quiet on the website now but we have still been kicking up our heels with Tampico juice and working on capturing the memories. July has been a blast!


This month we decided that we had so many emotional things going on, we wanted to keep things colorful in a whole new way. Davin loves everything that has to do with rainbows and everything that has to do with Tampico. Can we just mention how excited we are about all these amazing Tampico flavors?


This month we are featuring the Tampico Tropical Punch. One of my fondest memories was being nineteen years old and having a wisdom tooth pulled. The only thing I would put in my mouth for three days was the Tampico Tropical Punch. The smooth refreshing taste and being low calorie at only 30 calories a glass, was good enough for me to heal up!


While July has always been a hard month for me, My Mom passed away three years ago, we tried to make sure we stayed in good spirits. So our mini family trip included us making memories at the beach, picking up seashells at night, sharing stories about family, and eating good food.


 It was at the beach we decided we needed to create our own fun colorful breakfast, because Davin was not pleased with the pancakes at the hotel restaurant! He also has asked on many occasions if any restaurant sells Tampico lol. I may have to start smuggling in the single serve bottles!


For breakfast we whipped up colorful mini pancakes, rainbow fruit kabobs, Tampico Tropical Punch teddy bear ice cubes (they also double as mini popsicle treats that I could not get Davin or David to stop stealing from the freezer!), a Tampico Tropical Punch cream cheese fruit dip, and of course a nice refreshing glass of Tampico Tropical Punch!

To make the pancakes I used a regular store bought mix and separated into four bowls. I used red, blue, green, and mixed red and blue for purple. I created mini pancakes and stacked for my son....he of course decided to pick all four up in his hands and eat like a sandwich! I topped the stack with a little tropical umbrella to keep up the vibe of Summer.


The fruit kabobs were just seasonal fresh fruit on wooden kabob sticks. We used red seedless grapes, mango, strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe. To sweeten the deal we made a super easy Tampico Tropical Punch cream cheese fruit dip which also can double as a spread on your pancakes!


To make combine 4oz cream cheese, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup Tampico Tropical Punch juice, and 2 drops red food dye. Blend or whip until smooth. You can alter the taste a bit by combining more powdered sugar or juice if needed for consistency.


The bear ice cubes were easy! I used a gummy bear tray I got online and used a dropper to put the juice in, froze and then put in our glass when ready. As I said before, they double as mini popsicle treats too that you can easily pop in your mouth. A great little Summer treat for the kids (and adults). To make it more fun you could use different flavors and colors of Tampico Juice and put a secondary color as the cubes!

Davin now wants a rainbow breakfast every Sunday! I can dig it! I can't wait to think of more fun ways to create recipes he loves. He loves being my little "helper chef" in the kitchen. I think when you make food fun, kids enjoy it without a hassle too.

I hope you have been enjoying our Summer Scrapbook Journey! I'm going to print out the photos from the past three months and share them all in our August post with our scrapbook! Life has been crazy, a bit emotional, and very tiring, but we are sticking to our goals of making memories that will last a lifetime. School is less than a month away now and I already am missing Summer before it's gone.

What are some of your favorite memories from your Summer so far? What other fun recipes would you incorporate your favorite flavors of Tampico Juice in?

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