Welcome to the Summer of 2019!!! Follow along to see how our Summer scrapbook comes along and I hope we can inspire you to create your own! We are joining Tampico juice to showcase our colorful life this Summer!


Summer is off to an amazing start! It’s time to wear more colorful clothing, do more colorful things with the kids, and make a SPLASH! We took this literally with our June adventures!

It is the perfect time to capture photos with your loved ones, both posed and candid, because smiles are everywhere. The kids are out of school, the parents get to plan fun things, and overall demeanor of everyone is a little more childlike.


Tampico is the perfect way to bring the Summer vibes to any gathering. Always refreshing. Always tasty. Only 30 calories per serving! Even the adults can’t get enough!


We brought two of our favorites to a church bash with the family, the Island Punch and the Kiwi Strawberry Punch. They were a smashing good time! The fruity tropical flavors complimented the cookout and the fresh watermelon served.


The easiest way to bring more color  to a party is to pull all the tops and get colorful with rainbow colors all over. We brought spray chalk, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles for the kids!


The  adults tore up a slippery sudsy kickball game that landed most of them in some need of recovery the following day! You can see David make a lovely crash landing in the photos I was able to capture.

The kids piled in to a pool and played on a mega water slide for hours! We all got a little more colorful on our skin tones (red is colorful right? LOL), but we had a blast.

No matter the age, no matter the gender...bringing people together for good wholesome fun is never dull! We see these people at church but to be able to let loose, hang out, and make memories to last for what is sure to be many long time inside jokes between our Pastor and us, is what makes creating this scrapbook this Summer so much fun. We are capturing our LIVES and doing it with intention.

To make things more fun, if you look back at our May post..to this one..I did a total chop of my hair! I also did what….added more color! See? It’s so easy to live a colorful life with a little bit of effort. Dig deep, plan something fun, and join us the rest of the Summer for more fun ideas.

The sudsy kickball was literally tarps of plastic, kiddie pools filled with water and soap, and some very skittish adults praying to not break any bones. The videos and photos are the memories we will keep alive when the Summer comes to a close. 

You can follow the hashtags #TampicoJuice  and #ItsAColorfulLife to see more great ideas, fun memories being made, and get inspired to start your own Summer scrapbook! I would love to see what you come up with. See the beginning of our scrapbook from May here.

Have you tried the Island Punch or Kiwi Strawberry Punch? Do you have a favorite Tampico flavor? Comment below and let us know how you plan to spend your July with your family!