by Amy Latta on February 13, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to have some festive fun with your family! Kids love being a part of the holiday celebration, whether it’s decorating, eating sweet treats, or making and giving gifts to special people. Here is an easy and colorful project they’re sure to enjoy creating!

Believe it or not, you only need a few basic supplies to create a watercolor card or framed art, and none of them are paint!

You need:
Watercolor paper {sketch paper can work too, but watercolor paper gives you a better finished product}
Tombow Dual Brush Markers
Plastic sandwich bag

Step 1: Use the markers to color directly onto the plastic sandwich bag.
Try to make sure most of the surface is covered with color. I recommend using different shades of the same color or colors that are in the same family {ie: blue, green, and purple or red, orange, and yellow} so they blend well.

Step 2: Apply water directly to your paper using an aqua pen or paintbrush.
I like to use hot press watercolor paper because it’s much smoother smooth than cold press. Watercolor paper is also less likely to curl than regular sketch paper or computer paper when it gets wet. If your paper does curl a little, don’t worry, it will flatten just fine in a frame.

Step 3: Place the plastic bag onto the wet paper with the colored side face down.
You’ll see the marker take on a liquid, paint-like appearance. Rub the bag around to blend the colors and create your design.

Lift the bag off the paper and you’ll have a pretty watercolor effect.


Step 4: After your watercolor design is dry, use marker to write a message on top!
It should only take a minute or two, but if your project seems extra wet, just blot it gently with a paper towel to speed things up. A simple note like, “I love you” or, “Happy Valentine’s Day” would be sweet, or you can use a longer quote about love, friends, family, or anything you like.

Step 5: Give it away!
You can either give it as a card, or trim and frame it as a special handmade keepsake that any family member or friend will treasure.

This project isn’t for kids only; moms and dads can have fun with the technique too! I’ve used this to create colorful backgrounds for lots of hand lettered projects myself; it’s a very simple way to make a colorful and unique piece of art. Who in your family would love to try this?

See the video by Amy here or visit her blog