by Amy Latta on September 1, 2016

Believe it or not, summer will be over before we know it and we’ll be jumping into all things fall. We’re headed toward cooler weather, colorful leaves, pumpkin everything, and of course getting back into the school year routine. It’s also a great time to do some fall crafting with the little folks in your life. Here’s a quick and fun project they’re sure to enjoy. A few basic supplies are all you’ll need, and there are no special skills necessary to create this colorful fall photo frame.

You’ll need:
a wooden photo frame, your choice of size
FolkArt Ultra Dye, your choice of colors
fresh apples, cut into slices
several paper plates

First, choose what colors of the dye you want to use and squeeze a bit of each one onto a paper plate. I like to use a different plate for each color so they don’t mix. Dip one side of an apple slice into colored dye. Firmly press the dyed side of the apple onto the frame anywhere you like. Try not to wiggle or rub it around, just press and lift to create a clean stamped image. Repeat, going around the frame. When you are ready to add a new color, use a new apple slice and do the same thing. If you don’t want the colors to blend, let the first images dry completely before stamping new ones in case they overlap. Continue stamping until you love the way your frame looks and it’s filled with color. While your painted frame is drying, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a snack with your kids and of course, relax and chat while you drink your favorite variety of Tampico! Once the project is completely dry, add your favorite photo and put it on display! Older children can do this project pretty independently, while smaller kids will require more help, but it’s sure to be fun for all ages. This photo frame makes a great decoration on any mantel, and it’s also a perfect teacher gift to start the school year. Is this a project you and your little crafters would enjoy?


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