One of the universal challenges for moms everywhere when summer rolls around is finding fun activities to keep our kids busy.

Coming up with things that help them keep learning while they’re having a blast is even better! Today, I have a simple and inexpensive project that kids of all ages will absolutely love creating…splatter art!

You can create splatter art on any surface you like. We chose to use a large blank canvas I got on sale at the local craft store, but you can also do this on paper, fabric, wood, or anything you might already have at home.

All you need is:

- a surface to paint on
- paint brushes, any size will do
- assorted acrylic or multi-surface paints
- a tarp or sheet to cover your work surface

First, you will want to prepare for painting by covering your surface and making sure you and your child{ren} are wearing “painting clothes.” We decided to paint in the backyard on an exceptionally hot day, so I covered the grass with a sheet and had my Little Crafter go without a shirt. He wore pants that already had paint all over them from a previous art project, and I covered my clothes with an oversize art smock.

Then, all that’s left to do is let your artist go wild! Before we started, Little Crafter had chosen eighteen colors of paint he wanted to use and we took them outside with us. You can use as many or as few colors as you like, but he decided that the more colorful his painting was, the better! He also chose lots of paint that had glitter mixed in, since our motto around here is, “Glitter makes everything better.” One at a time, we uncapped the bottles of paint, dipped a brush in, and he splattered the paint onto the canvas anywhere and everywhere he wanted it. I had a small cup of water and some paper towels on hand to clean the brushes in between colors. Little Crafter just repeated the process until he had splattered all of his colors and declared his work a masterpiece.

Trust me, whether you’re five or thirty-five, it’s fun to fling paint! This activity takes a little while to complete, especially if you use lots of paint colors and a large surface, so it helps fill up those long summer afternoons. And when you’re finished, the bonus is that you have an original and awesome piece of artwork to hang in your child’s room!

As a teacher myself, I’m always looking for educational tie-ins when we do activities like this at home, and in this case there’s a really easy one. Before or after painting, tell your kids that their masterpieces are in the style of Abstract artist Jackson Pollock. Together, search the internet for examples of his paintings done in this style and let them compare his work to their own. You can introduce the kids to the idea that Abstract art is the use of colors and shapes to create emotion, rather than painting in a traditional style where a picture was meant to look like a particular person, place, or thing. Ask them what kinds of emotions they had as they painted and what kinds of things they want people to feel when looking at the finished painting. I hope you and the little crafters in your life enjoy doing this project as much as we did! Here’s to a colorful summer!