This site is dedicated to the hardest working mom we know – you! 

The mom who puts colorful living above all else. The one whose life is tied together by those unforgettable connections she makes with her kids. Much like yours, the Tampico lifestyle is one filled with refreshing explosions of color at every turn. It's been over 20 years since you've been welcoming our irresistible fruit-flavored beverages into your home.  And for that, we thank you.

The Tampico family is constantly evolving and growing--just like yours. We know how fantastic our consumers are by inviting us into their family everyday, so we'd like to return the favor. We've gathered some of the web's greatest mommy bloggers to provide fun facts and crafts so you can make the most out of life and enjoy its colorful moments with your family. From sleepless sleepovers to hours of outdoor activities, we'll be here with insightful tips and real-life stories to remind you that you're not alone. So take a deep breath, and together we can make those irresistible moments last a lifetime.