Get your kids outside this Summer with these 2 DIY tips:

1. Giant Bubble Maker

A plastic straw, a string of cotton, and a dish detergent walk into a back yard...

But seriously--that’s about all you’ll need to bring your kids one of the happiest days of their summer! With just a little creativity and a whole lot of color, we are going to show you two fun crafts your kids can do that will keep them entertained and giggling all summer long.

You know that wide-eyed look your children get when they see something utterly awesome? Well, these life-sized bubbles are sure to deliver. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Take two plastic drinking straws and lay them parallel to each other.
  2. Thread a long piece of cotton string (about 30 inches worth) through both straws, and tie the ends together.
  3. Move the knot of the string so that it is hidden inside one of the straws.
  4. Make your bubble juice! Mix 4 cups water, 1 cup baby shampoo, 1/4 cup of corn syrup into a shallow pan or kiddy pool and dip your new bubble maker inside.
  5. Lift up gently… then pull apart the handles and let your arms or the wind create magically large bubbles!

Bubble Refilling Station

Oh no! You are almost out of bubble juice. Never fear! Use your Tampico gallon bottle to create a bubble refilling station so the fun lasts as long as your kids do.

  1. Fill up a clean Tampico gallon bottle or an empty laundry detergent container with bubble juice.
  2. Decorate the bottle with markers and stickers for added flare. 


2. Tampico-Jug Bird Feeder

Look mom! Birds! This bright and colorful bird feeder will welcome birds in your area to eat and sing by your childrens' windowsills. This feeder can be hung outside a window, on a tree, or placed on a deck or balcony.

  1. Take a clean Tampico gallon jug and cut out a hole on one side.
  2. Decorate your bird feeder with markers and stickers, or even use paint!
  3. Fill with birdseed.
  4. If you are going to hang your bird feeder, poke a hole through the top of the jug next to the opening . Then lace the string through the hole and around the opening of the Tampico jug, and tie a knot. 

All of these inexpensive crafts will get your kids out of the house and interacting with each other—and leave you with lots of shared laughs and fun memories.