Nothing else can align leadership skills like declaring yourself the “boss”! This is why no matter if your child is the youngest and calling the shots or an only child but standing his ground, you are going to just adore the new DreamWorks THE BOSS BABY movie. 

If my son were boss for the day, which he thinks he runs the show daily, we would all be on his schedule. Tampico Beverages has been in the business of helping serve our kids up with a tasty high quality juice drinks that now are available in individual servings which will be perfect for sending in our boss baby’s lunchbox! We have to start them young if they are going to conquer the world.


My son may only be three, but he has an agenda, every, single, day of the week! It shouldn’t seem odd that it takes me griping in the morning to get him ready for school, but on the weekends he is up two hours earlier than any other days of the week!

This is how my three-year-old gets “Boss Baby” status even when we don’t mean to give it to him. 

If he had total control as the boss for the day, these would be his orders:

Wake up and we better have a blanket ready on the sofa for him to get warm with. From there breakfast should come along with a big glass of Tampico Tropical Punch. He then will want a favorite cartoon on the television while enjoying his breakfast. We may argue about getting dressed and brushing his teeth but from there he will take control of playing video games for his morning activity.


My “Boss Baby” would tell us that he wants to then go to his favorite fast food restaurant and get a chicken sandwich. However, he has to go eat inside not drive thru, this way he can play on the play area inside.

My “Boss Baby” would then direct us to let him play with bubbles when we got home, let him watch a movie, or hand over the phone for some YouTube. I can at least say that he does love to stay active.

The afternoon would then have us taking him to play at his favorite local playground or the play area at the mall. He would prefer the outdoors, it has a bigger space, big slides, and we can take a snack! He will demand pretzels, taking a favorite doll, and having us chase him around the area.

Since this is all about his special “boss baby” ways and what he would dictate, he would ask to take his bath before dinner, which in turn he would then want my famous spaghetti with a glass of his other favorite Tampico beverage, the Mango Punch! Now that I have a messy child because he already took a bath, I have to sweet talk him in to letting me wipe his face up. He would beg to round out the night by sharing a bag of popcorn and watching a movie together!

I am thankful my child is not taking over the world just yet, but I can only imagine who is going to think they are the boss when a second child comes along! Will my son keep the lead going or will a younger child call the shots!? Either way, I plan to keep the whole family (Including my husband) happy by keeping the fridge stocked with our favorite Tampico Beverages! 

Who is the “Boss Baby” in your house? Are you excited to check out the new DreamWorks The Boss Baby movie?

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