Lourdes Balpogi is a wife, mom, author, speaker, and entrepreneur that acknowledges that balance is bull.

She is by no means saying that working moms can't have it all, we just can't DO it all. Moms need support and a guilt-free conscious to be themselves and enjoy all aspects of their life, both personal and professional.

Growing up in Miami, the daughter of two Cuban parents, Luly (or Luly B as she is now known by her clients and readers) was always told she had "chispa" (as in cheess-pah). Literally translated, "chispa" means "spark", but in the Hispanic community, it also describes a person who is dynamic, clever, vibrant and spunky – a firecracker. It’s safe to say, the chispa runs in the family.

When this spitfire of a lady decided to start her own marketing firm, Chispa Marketing was the perfect name to pay tribute to her culture and her family. After fifteen years of working with clients and juggling the demands of being a business owner, a wife, and a mom she made an unusual decision. She decided to slim down her successful company and start a new venture.

She wrote a book, Balance is Bull $h*t, and is now spreading her message of empowerment, leadership, and confidence to other professional moms to get over the guilt, self-doubt, and fear that stops them from truly living the happy lives they were meant to enjoy.

What a concept! To get more inspiration and great ideas from Luly, visit her blog where you can find fun and creative ways to make the most out of your time and love every minute of it.