When we moved into our new home, we were super excited about the waterpark area at the front of the subdivision. In addition to the main pool, there's a spray park, beach entry kids' pool and separate covered sand beach. Not to mention, there are two water slides to enjoy. It all sounds great, right?! Until you realize how many other people are often up there enjoying it too. So, there are some days where we find creative ways to simply enjoy our backyard more.

Backyard Water Balloon Activities

Water balloons are a simple, affordable way to have some (wet) fun anywhere! But, thinking beyond just throwing them at each other, we try to find more ways to watch them bust and cool everyone off. Then, we set out some tasty snacks and refreshing Tampico drinks for everyone and get ready to have some fun!


Water Balloon Toss

Most of us are familiar with the classic game of Egg Toss. Teams line up opposite of each other and prepare to gently toss an egg back and forth. The idea is to see which team can move the furthest apart without dropping and breaking the egg. In this game, you use water balloons. And, to mix it up even more, you can (very carefully) cut the bottom of Tampico jugs (keeping the handle intact), cover the cut part with Duct Tape, and then use the jug to toss the water balloons. Each player will need their own jug to play. Make sure to leave the lids on the jug so that when the balloon breaks you can catch the water! Cover your opponent with the water or pour it over your own head to cool off more!

Beach Towel Toss

Keeping with the water balloon toss theme, mix it up again with a beach towel. This time each team will require at least 4 players, 2 to hold each towel. Playing the same way you would the aforementioned game, use the beach towel to toss the water balloons. This will take a bit more practice. You must pull the towel tight to fling the balloon to your team members on the other side. Plenty of teamwork involved in this version!

Yard Tennis

Using backyard rackets, grab a water balloon, toss it into the air and just see if you can keep it from busting as you hit it over to your opponent.


Paper Tube Relay

Here's a way to put all those empty paper tube rolls to use! Separate the kids into two teams for a relay race. Each team will line up with a paper tube and bucket of water balloons. The first player balances a water balloon on their empty tube and completes the pre-determined course before passing it to the next player. If the balloon falls, that player must start again.


Tic-Tac-Toe Splash

Using sidewalk chalk, draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on the ground. Two players then toss water balloons at the squares trying to make a Tic-Tac-Toe pattern. The first player to get three in a row wins.

Balloon Pick Up

Remember playing 52-card pickup as a kid? Just me? Well, you would toss all 52 cards on the ground and see who could pick up the most cards. With balloon pick up, it's more than just a competition. You don't want broken water balloon pieces laying around for both safety and cleanliness. Therefore, at the end of the day, have everyone pick up as many water balloon pieces as they can find and then give a reward to the person who found the most. Clean up done.

Spending time in your backyard with the family never has to be a big production. In fact, my kids seem to enjoy the simplest activities. After all, it's not about the money spent, it's about the quality time you give them! Be sure to soak in everything this summer has to offer with activities that the entire family can enjoy! And remember to bring icy, cold Tampico along to keep everyone hydrated as you play. You will surely look back on this time together as some of your greatest moments.