Back to school means back to early morning alarms, back to routines and back to kids’ fashion.

Whether they wear a uniform or not, tending to your child’s back to school attire can be a daunting task if you’re not prepared. Don’t believe me? Think back to when you were a young student with a closet full of clothes and without a single thing to wear. The misery!

Avoid the back to school fashion rut this year with some simple preparation and planning. Here are 5 tips to get you started:


  1. Find inspiration: Fashion is a great opportunity to guide your child’s choice in role models. Look to authors, artists, or older family members who depict the values important to you and ask your child what one piece of style they like. It can be a type of friendship bracelet or brand of shoe, but connecting that inspiration to something more virtuous than “looking cute” is a win-win for mom.
  2. Solid pieces: Creating a colorful outfit that coordinates can be a difficult task at any age! Depending on how old they are, use solid colors to help facilitate independence each morning when you’re little one is getting dressed.
  3. Be bold: While classic, sold pieces can stretch a wardrobe, mixing in bold pieces is what makes getting dressed fun! Invest in fashion scarves, a few printed tees, a variety of hair accessories and even a pair of statement shoes in a bold color (like red!) to liven up your little one’s back to school fashion.
  4. Individualize: For the moms with uniformed kids, consider primping their look a bit for individualized flair. Cool shoelaces, a new backpack or monogrammed touches can give your student a bit of an individualized style while maintaining the values of a uniform system.
  5. Keep your voice and values: The cool thing about being a mom is our ability to influence our kids. While we know back to school fashion is about keeping the kids clothed so they can focus on school, helping our young students find their style can be translated to other facets of parenthood, too. Help them pick clothes that make them feel strong and happy. Remind them how cool it is to stand out. Give examples of successful adults who didn’t have the best fashion sense or research examples of successful adults who did love fashion.

Embrace back to school fashion into your parenting values with these simple tips. I can’t promise you’ll avoid the “what do I wear!?” misery, but at least you tried.