By: Nichole Arnold

Tampico is planning an exciting refresh to its brand later this spring, so in honor of its near 30-year history, we’re taking a look back with them on the past few decades and reliving our favorite moments. Join in with the nostalgia and fun and let us know what games, tv shows, foods and more you loved from your childhood in the comments!


I am an 80’s child. In 1989 when the super popular and tasty Tampico Beverages hit the supermarket shelves, it was something that quickly became a part of my life. To this day, I have loved grabbing a glass during snacks, meals, and if we are flashing back….it was the only beverage I could drink after having my wisdom teeth pulled!

Since 1989, Tampico Beverages, Inc. has served as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of high quality and value-added juice drinks. You can try multiple flavors in your dependable gallon size jug and some stores sell the smaller sizes in packs of six.

Before all the tech that my toddler has came in to play, there were ways to have good old fashioned fun without electronics! I know, hard to believe! My son often wakes up asking for a tablet, later asks to play games on his Dad’s phone, and then wants to play a video game system. I am always fighting against screen time. Then I thought about something! A light went off in my head!


I was going to take him on a “Splash From the Past” with Tampico Beverages! He loves playing outside but I wanted to show him some good old fashioned calm fun! So I grabbed the crayons and coloring books along with a quick snack recipe he had never tried. And of course, alongside, a tall glass of Tampico.


When I was little, after I got home from school, my Grandmother often made me a snack. It was simple and affordable, yet so tasty! I hoped my son would enjoy it just as much. She never failed to give me a glass of Tampico with it either. The flavors went perfect together.

You will need: white bread, strawberry seedless jam, whipped cream.

Toast your bread, lightly spread the strawberry seedless jam on it, and then top with whipped cream. So simple yet so delicious.

That’s it! The best part is it takes less than five minutes to make, so I had my son put his shoes on while I prepped our snack. Now, I must say he can be a picky eater….so this was going to be interesting to see if he would be willing to taste it.


My son and I sat outside, colored, bonded, talked about his favorite things to do and what my favorite fun activities are. He tried the snack and loved it! (Jumping up and down Mom over here!) and I probably should have taken two glasses for us because I forgot just how much he loves his Tampico juice.

We spent a nice hour together, we actually had fun without electronics. We did something that I enjoyed from my childhood. I can’t wait to share more memories with him. They say that food can bring people together, this time it was our love for Tampico. What activities or foods from your childhood do you enjoy sharing with your kids?

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