My daughter just turned 7 but some days, she acts more like 17. She is the sweetest kid ever but man, could she be a handful.

She is smart, funny, sassy...and questions everything. While I love this about her, because it means she will always be inquisitive, one day, as I was pouring her an after school Tampico (and getting some for myself of course!), she wouldn’t stop asking why I wouldn’t buy her a phone (um, cause you’re SEVEN), I snapped back “because I said so...y punto!” I looked at my husband and said, “oh my god, I was just my mom wasn’t I?” He just laughed and I realized that not only was I sounding like my mom, but, oh my god, she was right about everything! Everything? Well, here’s at least 7 of them: 

  1. Study Hard Now, Play Later

My mom had me at a very young age and didn’t go to college. By the time most kids were graduating college, my mom was raising two little girls alone. She made sure that from an early age we knew studying. School and college was important. I didn’t listen and enrolled in college when I was a young mom and it was HARD. I kicked myself for not doing it sooner, and in the end, I did it but I wish I had listened to her. Now, I’m making sure my daughter doesn’t make my mistake too.

  1. Trust Your Gut

My mom is a big believer in relying on your intuition. She says that you always know the answer, you just gotta listen to yourself. I always thought it was the worst advice but, as it turns out, my gut reaction is often the one I most wished I listened to.

  1. Real friends will be there for you even if you can’t go to the mall this weekend.

Whenever my mom wouldn’t allow me to go hang out with my friends, I would yell to her that she was ruining my life (because, of course she was!) and how dare she take my friends from me. She would promptly tell me that “if they are as good of friends as you say they are, they won’t care if you miss one weekend or ten, they will stick no matter what.” In later years, I look back and think about my friends that have been there for me through it all. She’s right- some I don’t see for years at a time but if I need them, they come running. 

  1. “No te confíes”

Translated it means “don’t trust”. But the meaning is more along the lines of: “be cautious” and can be used for things like speeding on an open road or walking on a dark street alone. I was a pretty daring teen and my mom would always tell me this to remind me that even though I felt invincible, I still had to be careful.

  1. Who cares what people think- you do what’s right for you.

As a teen, my view of myself relied heavily on how my peers and boys saw me. From what I wore, to what I ate, my first thought was how I would be seen. My mom finally had it one day and said “who cares what people think? Are they wearing it? Are they you? You need to do what is right for you!” It took me years to see that, but once I did, I became the woman I am today and never looked back. 

  1. A man must show you love, not just say it.

This was in reference to an old boyfriend who always said he loved me but there was not much more beyond words, but because I believed his words, I stayed. My mom saw it way before I did and told me when I was home one day. “Love is more than words,” she told me, “if he really loved you he’d show you.” She wasn’t talking fancy jewelry or flashy dates, she meant little things like the way he would hold my hand or bring me soup if I was feeling sick. In fact, it was how I fell in love with my husband eight years ago. He called because he missed me when I went away on a girl’s weekend and when he showed up, he brought my favorite ice cream for us to share and watch a movie together. It’s been that way ever since.

She is pretty smart huh?