With the kids going back to school, there is so much for busy moms to plan. From school supplies to fashion trends,

students are looking to mom to ensure a smooth transition back to study hall. The most important thing for us to remember, though, is that our little ones need a nourishing breakfast that will carry them through the fun days at school.

Here are 6 ideas for quick and fulfilling breakfasts during the hectic back to school season:

  1. Green Smoothie: A staple in our home, smoothies offer moms the opportunity to fill their kid’s belly with fruits and, yes, even veggies! Make green smoothies with leafy vegetables (like kale or spinach) combined with flavorful fruits like banana, pineapple, or berries. Use blueberries to hide the green color and add extra sweetness with Tampico’s orange drink. With these tricks, your kids won’t even know the green stuff is in there! 
  1. Individual Oatmeal Cups: Make your own homemade oatmeal blend that will give your child plenty of energy all morning long. My kids love dried berries, fresh fruit and spices. I also like to add extra boosts like Chia or Flax seed. As a special treat, sometimes I add bits of chocolate too. They love it!
  1. Breakfast Burritos: Spend some time Sunday night making a week’s worth of breakfast burritos. Fill tortilla with eggs, cheese and bacon. Cover in plastic wrap, store in airtight bags and pop in the microwave as your kids head out the door. 
  1. Lemon Water: Kids work hard at school! Make sure they start the day hydrated with a big glass of lemon water each morning. If they aren’t crazy about the tart taste, sweeten it with a bit of their favorite Tampico drink.
  1. Yogurt Parfait: Reach their recommended fruit and dairy intake with a hearty parfait filled with wholesome yogurt and fruit, like blackberries and blueberries. Sprinkle with a crunchy granola for an extra crunch.
  1. Whole Wheat Pancakes: If you love pancakes during the weekends like we do, make an extra batch and freeze them for a quick grab-n-go breakfast during the week. Use whole wheat flour instead of white. Add healthy additives. And give your pancakes a sweet touch with blueberries and banana. Your kids will love it! 

Back to school season can feel overwhelming for mom – there’s so much to do and organize – but your little one’s breakfast shouldn’t fall through the cracks. Making sure to provide a colorful and hearty breakfast will help to ensure your child has the best start possible for a successful school year.