I don’t know what mornings at your house are like, but around here we’re rushing from the moment we wake up

until the moment we get in the car. As a busy mom, I rarely have the kind of time I’d like to apply makeup, fix my hair, and get ready for the day. So, I’ve created a daily makeup routine for myself that takes just five minutes and leaves me feeling fresh and pretty no matter where I’m headed.


Step 1: Moisturizer with SPF

The first thing you should always take time to do to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh is moisturize! I like to use a moisturizer that also has SPF protection in it so I’m multi-tasking and applying moisturizer and sunscreen at the same time.


Step 2: Light Foundation with SPF

Evening out your skin tone goes a long way toward looking and feeling great. If you evenly apply a light foundation using the Beauty Blender or a comparable sponge, it will disguise dark circles and hide red spots or other problem spots on your skin. I know some women think foundation will feel heavy and caked on, but if that’s the case you need a new brand or a lot less foundation! I like to use water-based creamy formulas.


Step 3: Light Neutral Cream Eyeshadow

Swipe a white, light tan, or other bright neutral eyeshadow on your eyelid and all the way up to the brow. I like creams better than powders because they look smoother and they stay put all day. The light color will make your eyes look larger and will also cause you to look more awake than you feel!


Step 4: Mascara!

Find a mascara you love and use it every day! A few quick coats on your top lashes will make you look put together, awake, and ready for the day. A professional makeup artist once told me that mascara is the key to a great look, so apply several coats and really make your eyes stand out. For everyday wear, I do just the top lashes and leave the bottom natural so it doesn’t look overdone.


Step 5: Lip Gloss

Adding a finishing touch to your smile is the last step! Apply a pretty neutral lip gloss and carry it with you all day for touch-ups. I absolutely love the COVERGIRL LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm. It’s like a giant crayon, it goes on smooth, and it’s not sticky like a lot of lip gloss tends to be. Cupcake Twist is my perfect neutral shade, but there are 16 different shades so you can find your own.


That’s all there is to it! If you have extra time and want to brush a little color on your cheeks, curl your eyelashes, or fill in your brows, go for it, but these five simple steps will have you looking polished and pretty in no time.