by Kelly Lucky on July 1, 2016

Kick off summer fun on the Fourth of July! Wave your flag with family, friends, fireworks and your favorite drink, Tampico! We are going to be hosting a pool party to celebrate the 4th. It's heating up in the Chicago area and the sunshine we've been waiting for is finally here. Here are five ideas for fun pool games to play at your Fourth of July party or anytime.

Freeze Dance

My daughter and her friends love having dance music at the pool. They create shows with routines that include jumping in, swimming, splashing, synchronized moves and freestyle. Freeze dance is always a popular game but even more fun in the pool. Just start the music and at varying intervals, stop it. Players have to freeze in place when the music stops. Anyone who keeps moving, is "out". Last man standing wins!

Duck Race

Each competitor is given a small plastic duck. The object of the game is to get your duck across the pool to the finish line... without touching it! You have to literally, make waves! If anyone touches their duck they have to go back to the start and begin again. Team version: everyone works together to make waves to move one duck, with the goal being to race the clock improving with each race.

Find the Number

Write numbers on ping pong balls using a permanent marker. Throw the ping pong balls into the pool. The judge shouts out a math problem (difficulty depending on the age of participants). Whoever finds the ping pong ball with the correct answer on it wins! Team version: Divide into teams of two. Each team takes turns finding ping pong balls and playing "Jeopardy Math". For example, when you find a "49", say, "The answer is 49" and your partner has to say, "What is 7 times 7?".

Scavenger Hunt

Throw several pool toys into the pool, scattering them all around (floating and non-floating). Then a "judge" holds up a white board with a short list of targets. The first one to bring all the target toys to the judge, wins! Team version: everyone is on the same team and just tries to better their time with each round.

Marco Polo - With A Twist

In traditional Marco Polo, one person is "it". They stand in the middle of the pool with their eyes closed. Everyone else scatters. The person who is "it" calls out "Marco". Everyone else has to respond "Polo". The person who is "it" has to use the sound of voices to find and tag someone else, who is then "it". To put a twist on the traditional Marco Polo, divide into teams of two. One person stands outside the pool and the other in the water. The person in the water has to keep their eyes closed and can only be directed by the person's voice outside the pool. The goal is for the person in the pool to find a hidden object. A fun thing to use is a clear water bottle. Difficult to see and to find!

A pool party or any summer party is all about color. Choose bright colors for your decorations, food, and table settings. And especially beverages! Tampico is all about color and adds a sparkle to any party. Don't run out, stock up today!

Whether you’re hosting having a pool party, a backyard barbecue, heading to a local park for a firework show or just spending the day with the people you love, have a blast this Fourth of July. And don't forget to include Tampico in your fun!

What's your favorite flavor of Tampico?

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