There is no better sound to me than children’s laughter.

5 Easy Things You Can do to Make Your Kids Laugh

There is no better sound to me than children’s laughter. It is massively contagious, heart-warming in its total abandon and something I could never live without. Making my kids laugh seems easy. But at those moments when I want to end the tantrum, the pouty face or the attitude, making them laugh seems difficult. However, if you can succeed at it, making a child laugh, even when they are in the throes of not speaking to you, can turn a stressful situation into a memory. As a mom, I have learned some fail proof ways! The trick is to mix it up and to use different ways to change the mood of the situation as opposed to one all the time. We don’t want the kids catching on!

Talk with an Accent

I discovered this trick by accident a few years ago. I was dealing with a crying toddler, a tantrum from another toddler and a nursing baby. I was about to lose it completely when Supernanny and her voice entered my head. In a horrible accent, I said, ‘You are driving your mum to insanity!’ Both toddlers looked up from their fits. Attention had, I spoke again in the accent and sent them into smiles and laughter! Even the baby started giggling at her sisters. To this day, when homework gets tough, when the tantrums are on the rise or even in the middle of a quiet night of reading, I will speak in my terrible accent and send them into laughter! I can tell when I do it too much though when I get the ‘Mooom!!!’ I then have to use another method!

Tell them NOT to Laugh

There is nothing kids love doing more than pushing their boundaries. So when mom tells them not to do something, they often try to do it anyway. When I have the pouting child or one on the verge of tears and I tell them that I’d better see real tears and no smiles or laughs, they almost always burst into laughter. Telling them not to smile usually leads to the sweet sound of bellowing laughter rather than the painful angst of tears.

Use Their Stuffed Animals to Tell Them a Story

My oldest is 8 but she is still not big enough to ignore her original Pooh Bear that she got as an infant telling her a story. This is such an easy thing to do and I love to use it to send them into calming laughter before bedtime. I just grab whatever stuffed toy – or one of our real life dogs!! – and move the head and arms as I tell a story. The story can be anything. I once did a story talking about how the bear liked to clean their rooms and the next day, the kids actually made an attempt. It didn’t last but I found a second benefit to telling the kids stories with their friends!

Tickle, Snuggle, Tickle

Movie night is a big deal here. Once a week, we curl up, pop in a movie and relax together. In the middle of the movie, spontaneously, I will just tickle one of the girls. As laughter ensues, it turns into a tickle fest. Once I get them going, I then calm them down. Once everyone is settled, I find another random time to tickle again! The laughter is much more of a memory maker than the movie and I end up laughing as hard as they do! Just plain fun!

Just Play!

Just playing with your kids can lead to an entire afternoon of laughter! When I put my phone down, close my tablet and shut down my computer, they get so excited! Whether it is a friendly game of tag, hide and seek or an active game like soccer or basketball, watching mom play with them always brings laughter! Especially when mommy purposely on accident falls down or acts like a fool! All kids need is time and love and a playful spirit from a parent to make them laugh and love life!

Years from now, when my girls are grown, I will remember their little laughs more than anything. So making that a sound that is heard often in this house is important to me!

How do you make your kids laugh?