For the mom who loves photography, summer time offers wonderful opportunities to capture the most colorful moments of the year.

The days are long and warm, flowers are in bloom and, as moms know best, kids grow up entirely too fast.

Whether it’s a fancy DSLR or your hard-working smart phone, take out your devices and record the memories that make up your little one’s summer. Here are 5 photo ideas that are filled with the colors of the season to inspire you to document the summer with images you’ll cherish for years to come.

  1. The Sunset: As soon as the weather warms up and we travel west to the beaches of California, the kids and I sit down in the sand to watch one of our world’s most amazing performances. The sunset casts so many beautiful hues and colors, making it an awesome backdrop for summer photos of your kids that you’ll cherish all year long.
  2. Water Fun: If you live near a beach, river or lake, capturing the colors of water fun in the summer months is a given. But if you’re landlocked (like me!), you don’t have to miss out. Capture the beauty of your kids frolicking through sprinklers. Hand them a hose and take photos of what happens next. Kids grow out of the simple pleasure of water fun quickly – capture the moments!
  3. Special Outings: Vacations are great to photograph, but you don’t have to travel far to warrant great pictures. Research local, colorful locations to take the kids during the summer. Places like vintage candy and ice cream shops are always fun and make for colorful photos you’ll love long past the current season.
  4. Movement: Keep your shutter speed high to create fun images of your child moving through their childhood summers… literally! Lay on the grass while they’re jumping on a trampoline, capturing their glee against the blue sky’s backdrop. Get eye level as your kids run, hand in hand, towards you. Photograph them swinging, slipping down the slide or just running towards dad after a long day of work.
  5. Group Photos: From siblings, best friends and, let’s not forget mom, don’t let a special summer moment go by without requesting a group photo! Summer days are busy – that we know for sure – but taking a quick moment to get the group shot is something you’ll appreciate later on.

Summer with young kids is a colorful experience. For moms who love to take pictures of their kids and look back on them with happiness, summer is a great time of year. Capture the most inspiring moments, whether you have the perfect camera or not, and don’t forget to put yourself in a few of them too!