by Staci Salazar on July 1, 2016

Almost every 4th of July for the last 20+ years, Colby and I have spent watching the same fireworks show. We load the kids up, grab dinner at the same restaurant, and park in front of the same air strip. It’s become our family “thing.”

4th of July Bingo 

Now, because we have this family tradition, we typically know what to expect. There will be vendors selling glow sticks, trucks with large American flags waving, sparklers glowing, and “God Bless America” blaring over someone’s radio. Basically, the 4th of July wouldn't be the same without these things. Around here, THIS is the Fourth of July.


Of course, this tradition becomes even memorable fun when we add an element of fun. Bingo is an easy game we can play anywhere… and with any subject. Our 4th of July Bingo printable helps pass the time as we await sunset and the incredible fireworks show. Keeping the kids occupied also helps everyone maintain their patience as dark falls and the anticipation grows!


Using traditional patriotic themes and various scenes we have noticed locally over the years, we came up with a printable to share with you! Don’t worry, in honor of our freedom, you will still find a FREE spot on each Bingo card.


Whether you watch fireworks from home, on a boat, or driving through town, print out a few Bingo cards, pack some snacks, fill a cooler with Tampico and enjoy the day with family and friends! A cool glass of Tampico can help you beat the heat at your firework celebration as you commemorate our country’s Independence Day. 

What is your family’s 4th of July tradition?

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