My youngest daughter is obsessed with horses and has been since she was tiny. She has horse bedding, horse posters on her wall and horse figurines and stuffed animals all over the house. After what seems like years and years of asking, I finally found a wonderful stable that offered horseback lessons I could afford. Cypress Riding School in Waller, TX has become the place my kids go to not only learn, but to relax and enjoy these large, majestic animals. As a bonus, after a few lessons, I realized that it was also a place that would help color my kid's confidence. What do I mean by 'color' their confidence? I mean that my kids already have self confidence in them, as most kids do. But horseback riding has colored it making it more real and vibrant. Kind of like multi-packs of Tampico Juices color snack time. Check out 4 Ways Horseback Riding for Kids Colors Their Confidence.

It Gives Them Quiet Time

I was standing on the arena one day, camera in hand, watching my tiny little girls on these huge horses walk around the ring. As my oldest passed me with barely a look my way, she was gently talking to her horse. In that moment I realized that she was in a quiet place, just her and the horse, with no worries at all on her mind. There was no phone in her hand, no homework problems to figure out, no TV playing in the background. It was total peace for her. Part of confidence building is knowing you can be alone with yourself without needing to be entertained. Now, some may say horseback riding is entertainment but I think, in those times when it is just them and the horse and nothing else is on their minds, it is the oasis of quiet that teaches them that they are OK without distractions.

It Teaches Them to Be a Boss

The new movie, DreamWorks THE BOSS BABY, is coming out March 31, 2017. It is an animated feature that looks like it will be the next hilarious family 'must see.' I love the concept. While we all know that a baby really is boss in any household, I love the idea of showing kids that they can be the boss of themselves. When my girls are on those horses that weigh at least 10 times more than they do, and they are making them turn and trot and canter on command, they are the boss. Just as the DreamWorks THE BOSS BABY rules the roost, they rule that horse in the ring. When you have that knowledge, confidence cannot help but build!

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It Promotes Confidence in Multi-Tasking

Life is all about working together. No man is an island, as I tell my kids, and being able to work with teachers, your sisters and even animals is a great asset. My girls learn every week to help each other saddle and maintain their horses. They learn to encourage each other when they are doing something new and they learn to listen to a teacher and to translate that to a horse all at the same time. Learning to work together and to multi-task colors a kid's confidence by showing them that they can. They can make adjustments mid-cantor and they can work together so that everyone is successful! That is reinforced every week!

It Helps Conquer Fears

None of my kids have fallen off a horse. Yet. It is coming, as anyone who has ever ridden knows. But, early in lessons, the horse with my oldest on it did take off in a full on gallop. Katie had just learned to trot so this retired barrel racing horse putting on a show spooked Katie to tears. But, Katie did succeed in getting Lilly to stop and walk and, after the tears stopped falling, it was pointed out to her over and over again. She DID IT, all by herself. She did not panic, she did not let go and fall off. She stopped the horse and finished the lesson. Once the fear of the horse taking off again subsided when she realized what she had accomplished, she wanted to gallop all the time. Now she rides even the fastest gaits very well!

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