School is out and SUMMER IS HERE! My kids are getting older and have started thinking of ways to earn money this summer. I suggested they squeeze the day and create a lemonade stand, and they were ALL IN! We used Mariah’s  10 Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand as a guide to bring in some good business, and offered the perfect summer drink - Tampico’s Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime!

Since one of Mariah’s tips is to create massive curb appeal, I thought I’d share a few lemonade stand decorating ideas and a FREE SVG file to help you create your own bright, cheery and sure-to-be-seen lemonade stand that is sure to attract your local customers!

3 Ways To Make Your Lemonade Stand Pop

1. The brighter the better! Since you’re hoping to attract cars passing by, you want to make sure your lemonade stand is bright and colorful! I used neon yellows, pinks and greens on a white stand to really make our little business stand out. I added a colorful garland, LOTS of fresh lemons and a polka-dotted pattern to really help the stand look appealing from the street.

If you don’t have an actual ‘stand’ make sure your signage is BRIGHT and hard to miss!


2. Make sure your actual LEMONADE sign is large and in charge! I cut my sign out with my Cricut Maker and cut the letters out in bright green cardstock so they were SURE to be seen from the street. Your sign needs to be large enough for people passing by to instantly know what you are selling!

I’m offering the LEMONADE letters and paper lemons as free SVG files at the bottom of the post for those looking to replicate this lemonade stand!



3. This is the most important tip!! Ensure that the lemonade looks tasty! This is huge! How many times have you driven by a stand and seen some VERY watery lemonade in a plastic pitcher and thought to yourself, ‘hmmm…...I wonder what’s in that?’

To make sure we bring in local customers, I actually suggested my kids sell a pre-purchased lemonade like Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime Tampico! It tastes amazing, looks very refreshing from the street and we guarantee it is irresistible as ever! In March, they launched their brand refresh, so don’t forget to grab one of their crazy colorful products in stores!

We placed the Lemonade in showy Mason Jar Dispensers, added a bunch of lemons and it sold like CRAZY!!! Especially when we served it in a clear plastic cup with a fun colorful straw!



That’s it!! Follow those three tips and you’ll be on your way to a steady stream of business or at least a REALLY cute lemonade stand!

For more Lemonade Stand Decorating Ideas, check out this post for some FREE Lemonade Stand Signs and Printables or this post to learn how to create a Lemonade Stand Costume! 

And I want to hear if your kids like hosting Lemonade Stands during the summer? Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them! Or even better, send photos of your stands my way!