Pack those bags and head out the door.

Hold on, before you board the plane or buckle up in the car, you need to learn these 3 tips that have helped our family travel more organized these last few years.

1. Plastic Bags for All! From the snack size to the gallon bags, our travels have relied on reusable plastic bags for countless reasons. In our most recent trip, we used a bag one night to create an ice pack for my youngest who had bruised a finger. The following day we used the same bag - emptied and dried out - to store my phone and wallet when we were trekking through waterfalls in Jamaica. We’ve used the bags to hold homemade trail mix for days at the big Orlando amusement park. We also always keep a few in our backpack to store wet items from swimming or even bathroom accidents.

2. Copy the Docs! You need to remember that you can’t rely on the Internet for travel. Keep your travel documents in places other than just online. Keep a photocopy of your passports and tickets, in a place other than where the original is packed. You can rely on technology for a backup. Have a password protected USB storing copies of your travel documents handy, just in case.

3. Packing Stinky Clothes! Before you know it you will be in and out of your hotel room, visiting attractions and more. Your dirty clothes will amount. If you won’t be gone long enough to utilize laundry services, designate one suitcase to be the “hamper.” All dirty clothes get tossed into that luggage all throughout your stay. When it’s time to head home, zip it up and leave it in your laundry room when you walk in the front door. No reason to mixup the clean and dirty clothes!

Traveling with the family is fun and provides memories that your children will always remember. Keep the memories fun and exciting by maintaining an organized travel structure. Use the tips outlined above and others to stay focused on the travel and fun!