Remember that game show when the host would invite moms to open up their bags and he would offer prizes if they had some random item in their handbag? I think if I went on the game show right now I would win every prize!

As Moms, we tend to keep our bags full of any possible item that we might need just in case! Through every corner of our bags, all the way to the bottom corners, we might find a broken crayon, a Band-Aid, a few half-eaten snacks and likely even a game piece that one child was playing with yesterday.

I could write a paragraph on why it's important to have at least a dozen of the items I currently have in my handbag right now. I could tell you why you should have a bag of fish-shaped crackers, a flashlight, a first aid kit, pens & pencils, anti-bacterial gel, stickers, other snack items, hair rubber bands, a bag of crayons (they could be broken,) a notepad and more. However, there are three that I think are pretty important for every mother to have. Open up your bag right now and make sure that you have a pencil, a small notepad and a candy. 

The pencil and notepad work great together. Kids are bored? Start a game of tic-tac-toe or connect the dots or even a game of hangman. You can use your notepad for yourself to make your grocery list, to jot down your parking space number and more. Yes, we can use our smart phones nowadays to take down notes but we all know with the kids there’s no reason to have to share that iPhone if it isn’t necessary. Go traditional go with the paper and pencil whenever possible. Plus, the paper and pencil don’t run out of battery! 

I always tend to grab a handful of those mints that you find when you're leaving a restaurant. I don't have them right away; I just tuck them in my bag for future moments. At times I’ll need it, a kid needs one or random stranger need to mint. Mint candies can hold off an appetite, be the prize in a road trip game or even be what you use to bait the children to behave better at church or at any public outing.

These three items are super inexpensive and very easy to keep on hand. You can even have a reusable plastic bag in your handbag that holds these three items. Yes, there are so many other things moms must have in our bags to keep sane and prepared all day long but try to remember at least these three!

Moms, we are eager for the day or we can just leave the house with the cute little clutch holding our keys, phone and wallet. But until that day we will be happy to pack our “suitcase” bag with everything possible - just in case!