For my family and me, Summer means bonding at beaches, camping and a lot of water fun.

All that fun under the sun works up quite the appetite in all of us, but, none of us want to head back inside, so we get creative and get our cook-out on. From carne asada to smores, here are 10 recipes to try for your summer cook out.

1. Fourth of July Vases

This has to be my favorite because my daughter thought of it all on her own! This colorful 4th of July Vase is easy to make and you can do it together. In fact, check out my daughter’s video for her easy tutorial on making this cute, patriotic craft.

2. 4th of July Wand

This 4th of July wand is one of my favorite crafts because you can do some of the prep work ahead of time and have your kids put it together. The color is fun and it’s great for kids of all ages. For an alternative, you can just buy plain white cardstock and have the kids decorate it themselves.

3. Fire Cracker Flags

This easy to follow video for creating a fun patriotic flag is a great tutorial for creating 4th of July “flags” together. Your kids can get extra creative and your decorations will definitely stand out from others on the block, because they are unique and original!

4. Red, White and Blue Splatter Paint

Bring out your mini Picasso and get a little messy with this easy red, white and blue ball paint craft. Your kids will love being able to create these artsy mini messes which will leave you with creative new works of art to show off this 4th of July. Mom Tip: Lay down some newspaper or plastic sheet for easy clean up.

5. Patriotic Cookie Cutter Art

If messy splatter isn’t your cup of tea, but you want a little patriotic artwork, this patriotic cookie cutter art is a great choice. Your kids can create pieces of art using old cookie cutters and dipping them into red, white and blue paint. You don’t have to stick to just stars either, my daughter loves using all shapes, we just keep the same colors to make different pieces that we display at our 4th of July cook outs.

6. Red, White and Blue Striped Straw Pinwheel Wreath

If you have older kids, they can still join the crafty fun. This red, white and blue straw striped pinwheel wreath is not only gorgeous, but your tweens and teens can zone in their creativity by creating different shapes via the size of the straws and picking different patterns for the ribbon covering the foam base.

7. Patriotic Paper Lanterns

My favorite crafts are the super easy ones that the kids can do without mom hovering over them constantly. That’s part of the reason why I love these patriotic paper lanterns (the other, is cause they are so cute!). Just some red, white and blue paper, some scissors, glue, stars and bam- all done!

8. DIY Firework Shirts

This is on my to do list this week! You and your kids can wear your patriotism and show off your crafty side with this DIY firework shirt tutorial. Your little designers will have a blast creating their own clothes and you also have solved what they will wear to watch the fireworks.

9. 4th of July Placemats

How do you make sure you show off how crafty your kids can be? Placemats for everyone! I never actually thought to make patriotic placemats but now that I’ve seen how easy and cool they are, I know what we’ll be using to eat our 4th of july feast on!

10. Printables makes everyone crafty!

Think you don’t have the time, patience or crafty know-how to do any of the activities I’ve listed? Fear not! Check out the following sites for some fabulous Fourth of July printables that you can use to make your celebration poppin’.


Any one of the activities is sure to not only help you and your family get all decked out for your 4th of July celebrations, but it will also give you all a few moments to share in creating something fun for the whole family.