It's going to be Father's Day this weekend, and do you have your gift yet?

If your dad is like mine, he already has everything he wants. If he wants something, he buys it. It makes gift giving a tad more difficult. That being said, we now gift both my dad and father-in-law experiences. This is also something I have incorporated with my husband too. We all have enough "stuff", and sometimes memories together are a much better gift. If you are looking for ideas, here are 10 places to go with your dad on Father's Day: 

1. Go to an old school arcade. For some reason, guys love being taken back to their youth (actually, I enjoyed it too). Plus, we doesn't love playing the old school games like Pacman and Astroids? Something we did learn is that now that we are old, we aren't so good at these games anymore. However, my husband did act like a little kid again, so it was well worth the blast to the past. 

2. Go have a 3D or 4D experience. Not all of us can go white water rafting at the drop of a hat. However, if you can find a place in your area, you can experience that without getting wet. Plus, you get to wear these really awesome glasses:

3. Buy tickets for the father in your life's favorite team. My husband, father-in-law, and dad will be attending a football game this fall thanks to tickets I bought for all of them. There is nothing like experiencing the game at the game (except for the line to the bathroom. We can all do without that.)

4. Have a BBQ in your backyard. You don't always have to go far to have a great experience. Grill some burgers and enjoy some Tampico tea and spend some time with the family. My husband loves spending time outdoors together and this is a perfect way to not spend a lot of money and get some quality time together.

5. Take a tour of your city. We recently took a water tour which gave us a whole new view of Chicago. We learned more on that tour than my husband has learned about Chicago in his whole life of living here!

6. Go out for a nice dinner! Not everybody wants to cook, and this gets you the best of both worlds. Take your husband/father out for a nice dinner and you don't have dishes to do afterwards!

7. You can also attend a theme park. Everybody can find something they like there, and they are a ton of fun!

8. Take the dad in your life on a tour of something he's interested in. My husband loves doing cave tours.

9. Spend the day at the beach. There is nothing better than a day of water and sand and having fun.

10. Go to a concert. There is nothing better than jamming out together to your favorite band.

As you can see, there are ton of experiences you can have with the dad in your life. What will you be giving your father this Father's Day?